Hot-desking: the ace in co-working space

From disruption in office spaces to the emergence of shared co-working spaces, work culture has changed pragmatically. Amidst a zillion of newer concepts surfacing, hot-desking has become a fad in co-working space. Hot-desking provides additional flexibility over the existing services offered by co-working spaces. So, what gives hot-desking an edge over the dedicated desks? Hot-desking is more than a mere phenomenon, enabling people to work more flexibly as per their comfort. It is a structure in which the same workstations are used by different people at different times. Sometimes, the usage is on an ad hoc basis as well. Typically, the aim is to maximize space efficiency and lessen real estate risk by reducing redundant office space.

&work CoworkingAs per reports by various real estate consultants, only 13% of organizations utilize their space more than 80% of the time. In 2018, almost 37% of workplaces globally were empty during any given workday. In 2015, 40% of all office spaces were empty. The figures surrounding the meeting rooms are even more concerning. The global average meeting room utilization is just 30%. When in use, only 40% of seats of the meeting rooms are occupied with two to three people holding meetings in space meant for six people. And the private offices are generally unoccupied 77% of the workday.

Implementation of hot-desking leads to maximum utilization of the available space as this practice increases space utilization. The flexibility associated with hot-desking is often linked to an increase in employee innovation, while the social aspect is cited as a way to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration.

More than a trend, this practice offers even more flexibility to people by allowing them to work whenever and wherever they want and stay productive and connected, wherever their work takes them. Hot-desking has myriad benefits, with benefits running deeper than convenience and flexibility. Hot desks are a perfect option for people who need flexible, 24/7 access to office space, but not necessarily a private office or even the same desk every day.

Addressing the bottlenecks

&work Coworking

While hot-desking is a good option for those always on the go and is a much cheaper option over a dedicated desk, a frequently touted concern linked with hot-desking is the lack of a dedicated space for users to store their stuff. This was probably the only area where dedicated desks had an edge. Addressing this pain point, co-working service providers have started permitting users to leave their belongings for a certain amount of time at a hot desk.

Further, shared spaces providers are now offering lockers or storage spaces for their hot-desk clientele.

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