How to get recruiters to notice you on LinkedIn to get hired

LinkedIn is the Mecca of job searchers and the same is for recruiters. This is where connection and collaborations have led to success stories for many popular brands. But even though we get to hear stories of such great opportunities and job offers from big brands that have made dreams of many job searchers turn into reality, there are very rare occasions when we get to witness that in our real life. So what is the reason behind that? Why are still so many people unable to crack the formula of getting noticed and hired by recruiters on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn operates in a certain way that allows recruiters to find the relevant candidates as per their active search filters. It is not an easy task to make it to the list of top results through the existing crowd of LinkedIn profiles. Thus, a profile needs to be first optimized to land into the search results of job recruiters. This will enable a profile to get noticed by the relevant job recruiters. Then the profile needs to be curated in a way that looks interesting and highlights the strengths and skills that’ll be crucial for a particular job role.

How does LinkedIn Search Engine work?

To land a job through LinkedIn, one needs to get noticed by the relevant recruiters and for that, the ranking of a profile needs to be improved. This can be done by optimizing the profile for both LinkedIn’s technology and recruiter’s behavior analysis on LinkedIn. The search algorithms that run on the LinkedIn, filter the profiles and rank them as per the user activities as well as multiple other sections relevant in the profile for a candidate search relevant to a particular job.

  1. Profile Headline – Profile headlines play a very important role in ranking, according to the LinkedIn search algorithms. Most of the recruiters search for candidates using relevant job titles which are then matched with profile headlines by the LinkedIn search engine. The profile headline section has a limit of 120 characters and users need to use those 120 characters with as much efficiency as possible. It is also recommended to customize the job titles in profile headlines as per the popular terminologies in the respective industry.
  2. Use Keywords – Keywords are another very important factor responsible for a profile’s ranking. Many top job recruiters search for candidates only through some specific keywords relevant to the job role. Therefore, it can be stated as a well-established fact that keywords have a huge impact on a profile’s ranking.
  3. Enter your Location – Locations are usually the most ignored part of a profile from a user’s point of view. Whereas from a recruiter’s point of view, location is as important as your profile headline, job title, and skillset. There are plenty of recruiters who start their search for that perfect candidate from filtering by location. This ‘location’ section also makes a profile eligible to get listed in localized searches. Also, when a user enters the location in this section, it is highly recommended to enter the city or country where the user is willing to work next rather than putting the current city. Otherwise, the recruiter from a distant location would not prefer a candidate residing so far over someone who lives closer as the probability of acceptance of a job offer from a nearby candidate would be ideally much higher.

Additional Things to Remember to increase Chances of getting noticed by a Recruiter

Although optimizing a profile is a huge task and ensures improvement in the rankings, but that’s not all. There are a few other points that need to be considered while building a LinkedIn profile.

  1. Professional Profile Picture – One needs to remember that LinkedIn is not the same as Facebook or Instagram. This is a professional platform and requires one to be professional in every aspect to get noticed and land a job.
  2. Build a strong Network – Networking is extremely important in today’s time and one cannot ignore the potential it has in making you reach unimaginable heights. While getting noticed in random search results by recruiters and being offered a job is worth appreciation, but a network can help you reach doors, search results can’t.
  3. Keep your profile complete – This is another aspect that shows professionalism. Keeping a profile complete means to fill each section of a profile with relevant information and also keep them updated from time to time.
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