How to protect yourself from Domestic Violence during the Lockdown?

India, like many other countries, is under complete lockdown and there are plenty of updates from all around on how people are cherishing their family time during this period of quarantine. While people have flooded the social media with their much-awaited work-life balance posts and all sorts of stuff they are getting to enjoy while staying at home, there is shocking news that has also conquered the mass media about a rise in domestic violence. Many have lodged complaints about being a victim of violence at home and there are assumptions that the number of such victims is many more as there are still a significant number of people who are unable to complain.

The reasons for not complaining about domestic violence by a large population are quite obvious as they are afraid of more torture coming their way from their in-laws if the police arrest the husband. Also, there’s a fear that when the husband is back from the police station, he might again get back to torturing the wife and kids. Earlier, there was an option to move out or go to the native place and live with parents in such cases of domestic violence. But as the country is under complete lockdown, moving out is no more an option. Lockdown has removed all the options of taking any outdoor shelter by the victim.

What is the way out of such situations?

Although there are many active restrictions on what all options a victim can avail, the primary ideology must be kept intact which says that violence is wrong. Therefore, anything and everything that is possible should be done to prevent such cases from happening.

Here are a few ways in which domestic violence can be tackled.

  1. Report – This is a basic way of tackling anything wrong that happens in society. Letting the authorities know about the situation is the very first step in fighting such problems. Elaborating on this, reporting the cases of domestic violence is not always the responsibility of the victims as they are many times unable to make the call or reach out to people for help. Anyone, be it a neighbor, a friend or even a stranger who happens to be a witness of such incident should immediately report of the same to the concerned authorities.
  2. Reach out – We understand that this is a difficult time and situation to let you out of the house and reach out for help. But this is something one needs to try no matter what as it is still the most effective way of dealing with the torture. Find out a way to get out of the house and ask for help from anyone you can see around. Also, many policemen have been assigned to patrol and supervise the lockdown in different areas. Try to reach the nearest group of policemen and explain to them about the violence you’ve been facing.
  3. Policies – Government and the concerned authorities have a very important role to play in coming out with a solution to this rising problem. The policies that are being made to tackle the crisis of the COVID-19 outbreak must include ways to tackle domestic violence during this period of lockdown. This is a subject that cannot be ignored in any way and must be addressed with as much importance as any other issue of recent times.

Domestic violence is a concern that requires all communities of a nation to come together and fight against it. It is only then that the virus of violence can be defeated and the concept of staying home with the family can be kept intact as a cherishing moment.

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