Top Coworking Space in India

Many businesses in India today are opting for coworking space as their workspace solution for various reasons. The foremost reason is the operational costs that get halved right away. Add to it the cost of furnishing and provisions such as reception and front desk, security services and hefty maintenance fees, and you are looking at a steep monthly bill. It is no wonder then that coworking is the solution that everyone is looking for to cut down on expenses that can easily be avoided. And when you look for top coworking space in India, you will hear the name of &work mentioned as a leading service provider.

If you have done a little research on coworking space and how to go about getting one for your business, you are familiar with the main points of what such an office space solution needs to have. Good location, easy connectivity for public transportation, excellent infrastructure and support, professional look and feel of the office space are among the top prerequisites. But the additional amenities that a good coworking space must have should also not be ignored.

  • Document management is another crucial aspect of business. before choosing a top coworking space in India, make a note of the printers and fax machines that are in use. Likewise, a good document service provider to handle mails and packages is also essential.
  • No workspace is complete without some allocation of personal space for the employees. Remember that just because you are trying to optimise your office space by taking up with a coworking service, your employees must not feel too cooped up while working. Allowing adequate personal spaces means they can concentrate on their work better with freedom and comfort.
  • The common area and pantry that employees can use for unwinding during lunch breaks or other work breaks is important. Also, to encourage fun and bonding, a gathering space for arranging social events and activities is a good idea, which can also work if professional events need to be organised.

&workis fast coming up as a contender to be the top coworking space in India, thanks to the facilities and membership plans they have on offer. Currently located in Faridabad, they are coming up with new locations like Noida and Lucknow to meet the demand for a premium and affordable coworking space in the country. And, if you decide to contact &workfor your coworking space solution, be assured that you will get your money’s worth.

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