Video calls changing the way we meet

Video conferencing has been a huge transformation since the time it got introduced to the world. But how it evolved over the years is truly astonishing. What started as an idea to make it possible for friends and family to connect from distance has become a tool to host serious corporate meetings. The video conferencing tools are becoming more and more popular with time and the progress in making people realize the ease it brings to host both formal and informal meet-ups has been impressive. The quality of these video conferencing tools has also improved remarkably.

The mere idea of video conferencing has been able to erase the distance between two people sitting a thousand miles away. This has also developed a perception in people towards video calls which makes it a preferable mode of communication in most scenarios. Of course, many factors have influenced this drastic change and increase in the adoption of video conferencing as a mode of communication, the latest one has been the global pandemic introduced by the COVID-19. It has affected people from all around the world in multiple aspects. Many lives have changed completely with the way everything is operating in the current situation and people are now re-inventing their ways of living with every passing day.

In the current times of cut-throat competition, any small or big businesses need to find out ways to continue their operations. Effective communication with the teams is a primary requirement in keeping a company functional. With video conferencing being the most attractive and preferable tool nowadays, this has turned out to be the most widely used mode of communication during the current global pandemic. As many countries including India are under lockdown, video conferencing tools have come out as a big relief in keeping touch with friends and family members stuck at different locations.

This lockdown has also enforced many employees of different companies to work from home. While video conferencing is helping to keep the office vibe alive to some extent, there are many hurdles one has to deal with when on a video conference from home. Many are staying with their families and have kids at home. Many times when a video conference is going on, kids tend to become a distraction or try to be a part of it out of curiosity. Also, there are times when many background noises can be heard in a video call which are fine when you’re video calling your friend, not in the case of a serious corporate meeting. This could be really embarrassing for an individual and can often lead to mistakes or failing to pay attention to the important points.

Here are a few points on how to have an effective non-distracting video conference call from home:

  1. Environment – The space or environment from where you’re going to take the call plays a very important role in helping you focus, and makes the video call effective. Also, make sure to have a decent background (preferably a plain wall) and avoid sitting in front of windows as that’ll lead to too much of backlight.
  2. Work desk – Work desks are very important when it comes to working from home. In fact, they also help in a proper video conferencing setup. Work desks make it possible to keep the laptop at an eye-level that makes it appropriate for a professional video call.

Comfortable Seating – Try to take video calls sitting on a chair that you are most comfortable in and lets you work on your work desk without any trouble. It is also important to make sure that the chair is not very jerky and helps you to be seated in a comfortable

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