&Work Co-Working Space in Faridabad: A Mumpreneur’s Choice

New terminologies are introduced with every new kind of professional debuting in the market space. Mumpreneur is one such terminology that came into the picture when mothers started turning into entrepreneurs. One might question why a new word was required to address them when the word entrepreneur was already there to address the entire community. Yes, a Mumpreneur can be addressed with the term entrepreneur but that wouldn’t do justice with all the bonus struggles they come across in their entrepreneurial journey. 

Just like any other entrepreneur, mumpreneur also has a requirement of proper working space to carry out their daily work. This requirement is more essential for them as they are already taking care of a baby who takes out a lot of their time and energy. But all of that doesn’t provide them with a discount on deadlines and efficiency of their work output. Therefore, to have a working environment that supports their creative instincts to boost up and also provides them with a refreshing vibe is of utmost importance for them to create and maintain their relevance in the highly competitive market. 

Mumpreneur Challenges

The journey of entrepreneurship already comes with its own set of challenges and stepping into motherhood comes with its own. But the challenges faced by mumpreneurs are a combination of both.

Dominant Personal Life

Having a baby at home makes a mother’s personal life extremely important and it is not a matter of surprise if that part of her life becomes more dominant over everything else. The height of the challenge here lies mostly in two areas. One is that it is difficult to completely get out of that zone mentally and focus on work without an environment that helps to do that. The other part is that the market does not get easily convinced that a mother can maintain a perfect balance of her personal and professional life and therefore, doesn’t sign her up for good quality work.

Mentally switching from being a mother to being an entrepreneur

Motherhood is not just a task that one can assign two or three hours of her day to. It becomes a major part of a woman’s life and no matter what she does, it is very difficult to keep her mother self separated from her. This is a big challenge for mumpreneurs as many of them work from home which makes it difficult to attend client calls and meetings or focus on work with full energy and enthusiasm.

Unable to find the perfect workspace

Having a perfect workspace is more important for mumpreneurs than any other kind of entrepreneurs as they are mostly exhausted both mentally and physically with all that they go through while taking care of the baby. Also, they need to continuously get business like any other entrepreneur and therefore need to build connections while working which is not possible when working from home. Working from coffee shops also doesn’t quite provide a perfect working environment. Yes, there are good interiors and food and beverages available all the time at cafes but some other amenities like printer, networking opportunities are not available there.

How does &Work Co-working Space help?

This is where &Work, Faridabad jumps right in. We at &work provide the safest and the most nurturing environment for all the mumpreneurs out there. &Work Co-working Space, Faridabad has been successful so far in welcoming all kinds of entrepreneurs. Thankfully, mumpreneurs have been no different for co-working in solving their challenges. The quirky and relaxed environments help the mumpreneurs to stay focused and creatively at their best. The diverse co-workers also act as motivation for them to up their game and stay ahead of competitors along with an active innovation instinct. This in totality we help a mumpreneur to keep her personal and professional life separate and dedicate her time and energy to the work as per requirement without affecting her business or motherhood.

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