Work-life Balance: A dream for most employees

Work-life balance, a term we have all heard of and are aware of its meaning as well. But somewhere down the line, it has ended up becoming a mere fantasy for most of the working-class people. We spend a significant part of our daily life at the office and somehow, even during the times when we are not in our office, we can’t seem to be able to stop thinking about our work and that affects our personal life.

Ironically, we all know how important it is to have a work-life balance and we all are capable enough to write down essays on how our personal and professional life must be kept separated and should be considered equally important with no mutual dependency on each other. But when it comes to adopting such a lifestyle and setting boundaries for yourself, all those logic and reasoning seem to fade away.

Set your priorities right

It is very important to know what matters the most in your life and set your priorities accordingly.

Family – This has become a common thing today to take client calls and reply to work emails in the middle of a family get together. This kind of work culture officially does have set working hours but unofficially goes way beyond that and ultimately affects the family time that always gets compromised due to work. This also leads to missing out on important family events and milestones. Yes, there is a responsibility that one is accounted for in their respective workplace. But one needs to understand, that the concept of responsibility also exist in your personal life that includes your friends, family and yourself.

Health – The old saying, ’health is wealth’ seems to never lose its relevance. The relevance is in fact, constantly increasing with the increasing competition and stress in the marketplace. To have a prospering career is undoubtedly important but not at the cost of your health and well-being. Most of the workforce today shows signs of significant stress levels which results in numerous health issues starting from a very young age. No matter how important is that client pitch or the deadline for your assignment, if your health is getting compromised because of that, it’s not worth it.

Peace of Mind – Your mind is your temple they say and it is always preferred to keep the temple chaos-free. Work is important and one must be committed to that. But what is more important is to be committed to yourself and your principles. One must never put the principles on stake for a well-paid job. The more one compromises with his principles and integrity, the more chaotic his mind gets and the consequences can be severe. To start with, higher stress levels and health issues are some of the warnings that indicate one to get rid of that toxic work culture. But if you still decide to ignore these warnings and continue to inhale that toxicity, mental disorders start to arise with depression being the flag bearer in most cases. This is too high a price for any luxury in the world. Peace of mind is a prime concern and to achieve that one must leave no stones unturned.

Be it in any industry, the competition today in the marketplace is extreme. Everyone is fighting to have a place in the leader’s round table. In such a scenario, the personal life is often taken for granted. The loyalty has also decreased both ways in modern corporate culture. Gone are those days when one used to have a single employer or two at max for a stretch of three or four decades of their career. Today, spending an entire decade with one employer is a huge milestone that only a few manages to achieve.

To summarise, I would say that identification is key to achieving proper work-life balance. It is very much like how people say that the first step to solving a problem is realizing that there is one. Many people are able to identify with the company and with other aspects of their life at the same time, and are able to achieve a solid balance. However, there are still many who are conflicted with these identities and this eventually affects the balance. Allot time to family and friends, zone out of work during your ‘me time’, build healthy habits, take out time to enjoy the little things in life that makes you happy. You do you!

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