andwork coworking space in Faridabad | andwork faq


Absolutely! Flexibility is necessary to function in today’s world, and we strive to ensure that you have an amazing office whenever you need it. We also offer a longer-term commitment if that is something you want.
We love pets! We have special days when we welcome pets into our workplace. Kindly check with your community manager to know more as policies and dates varies from one building to another.
Mail and package handling is included in your designated seat/private cabin membership. We do not offer this service for hot desk/daily desk members.
You can when we expand. Till then just sit tight and enjoy our facility!
Our building hours are 8 am to 11 pm. However, our community team is only available during the regular business hours- 9 am to 6 pm.
You name it, and we do it! Not exaggerating. From events like ice cream social, to bringing large VC’s to our office- we do it all!
We love it when members host and/or organize events in our spaces! In order to schedule an event at your space, please submit a support ticket to open the dialogue with your Community team with details about your event (date and number of attendees).
Please raise a support ticket for your preferred temperature, and our team will take care of it.
In order for natural sunlight to reach all our members, we don’t allow members to put anything above the privacy vinyl line.
Yes, &work encourages members to bring their own furniture and personalize the office however they’d like. Keep in mind: members cannot make any physical changes to the infrastructure of the office (i.e. drilling, wallpaper, light fixture changes, obstructions to office visibility).